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Packaging of meat products

  • Food grade heat shrink poultry bags
  • Food grade heat shrink poultry bags
Food grade heat shrink poultry bagsFood grade heat shrink poultry bags

Food grade heat shrink poultry bags

  • Color :Transparent
  • Thickness: 50-140μm
  • Width:100-650mm
  • Length:200-1,200mm
  • Product description: Food grade heat shrink poultry bags

Name      Food Grade Heat Shrink Poultry Bags
Material EVA/PE;PA/PE;PVDC/PE;PA/EVOH/PE Features High Shrinkage/High Strength



Thickness 50-140μm
Color Transparent or nontransparent with Red, White,Blue,Green,Yellow etc. Printing 1-7 colors double sided gravure printing
Bag Type Curved/Straight Bottom Seal, Side Seal, Double Seal,Point-Cut Rolling etc.
Usage For cold-fresh or frozen whole chicken, duck, goose, turkey etc.
Production Process Film Blowing→Corona Treatment→Mould/Cylinders Making→Printing→Bag Making→Inspection→Packing→Shipment

How to use the food grade heat shrink poultry bags?:

1) In a large pot, bring water to 190 degrees F =  90 degree ℃

2) After dressing your chicken, make sure you drain it as well as possible. We use a draining rack made for this purpose.

2) Place chicken, head first into the bag.

3) Push the air out. We do this by giving the chicken a "hug."

4) Twist the open end shut (make a pigtail) and secure with a tie wrap or clamp.

5) THIS STEP IS ESSENTIAL! In the section of the chicken between the breasts in the middle of the chest, pierce a small hole.

Doing this will ensure that air can escape - you want the air to escape, otherwise it will look like a "puff fish."

6) Then, dip the bag into the heated water for 2 to 3 seconds. This will get the perfect result. Don't dip too long otherwise water

will enter the bag through the small puncture you made for the air to escape.

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