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Tianjin Kangtai Plastic Packing Co., Ltd. is located in Tianjin China.Registered capital of 5,900,000 yuan.Our company is a professional one which introduces the modern technology to produce plastic  casings and shrinking bags. The company has trade import and export right and has already set up branch office abroad.We have been in this line of business for 15 years.

The plastic casings and the shrinking bags are variety of specifications,the top service quality among the industry for many years.The new development keeping fresh nylon casings(mono-layer casings), shrinking bags and smokable nylon casings are the first in the domestic industry. Meanwhile,having a tremendous impact in the casing industry.Several technologies have got their patent certifications respectively and has passed ISO9001: 2000 certification.

There are more than thirty kinds of main products in our company.The specifications from 30mm to 300mm,all can be printed. such as multilayer casings, new keeping fresh nylon casings(mono-layer casings),shrinking bags and smokable casings. The annual productivity of our company is more than 1000 tons. We have customers who come from all over our country. Some of the products have been introduced to the international market.The technology and equipment of our company are advanced and abundant. All specifications of the products are available. Kangtai Co., Ltd. would like to go forward with our colleagues hand in hand and to create a splendid future for processed meat industry.


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