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Plastic casing

  • sausage casing
  • sausage casing
  • sausage casing
  • sausage casing
sausage casingsausage casingsausage casingsausage casing

sausage casing

  • size:30-240mm
  • Suitable for all (cooking, smoked, automatic enema) sausage
  • color:More than 150 kinds of
  • The thickness of the:50μm
  • Product description: sausage casing

Plastic casing

Plastic casings are extruded like most other plastic products. They also can be flat or shirred. Generally

, smoke and water do not pass through the casing, so plastic is used for nonsmoked products where hi gh yields are expected. The inner surface can be laminated or coextruded with a polymer with an affinit y for meat protein causing the meat to stick to the film, resulting in some loss when the casing is peeled

, but higher overall yield due to better moisture control. Plastic casings are not commonly used any mor e due to health hazards.

Plastic casings are generally made from polymers such as Polyamide, Polypropylene or Polyethylene. Polyamide (Nylon) plastic casings are the most commonly used in production of cooked sausages and hams such as luncheon meat and bologna. Polyamide casings come in two main varieties: Oriented an d nonoriented. The oriented polyamide are shrinkable casings and will shrink during the cooking proces s thereby reducing the water loss. Nonoriented polyamide casings remain the same diameter during the cooking process and thereby allow for expansion of the meat during cooking.