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The development history of vacuum packing bag

Vacuum packaging technology originated in the 40 s, since the 50 s plastic film successfully applied in commodity packaging, vacuum packaging technology has been rapid development. Package level to a certain extent reflects a country science and technology level and the degree of the rich. Vacuum packaging technology research and application in our country is still in its infancy. Vacuum packing bag

A, 1962, Ordal opaque oxygen membrane can inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, fresh meat packaging can prolong the shelf life.

Second, Baltzer think vacuum packaging of fresh meat is the shelf-life of the aerobic packaging of fresh meat long reasons are:

(1) under the condition of anaerobic microbe total number increases slowly;

(2) decay and mucus reduce;

(3) after storage, vacuum packing in terminal less packaging than the aerobic microbial quantity. This shows that opaque oxygen membrane vacuum packing fresh meat, after the oxygen into carbon dioxide, oxygen air membrane can cut off the outside world no longer into the packaging, so the vacuum packing can prolong the shelf life of fresh meat.

3, 1970, Pierson, created a vacuum was proposed to select the kinds of microorganism and level "ecosystem". 1974 SCOPA company first application MAP (ModifiedAtmospherePackage, is a kind of vacuum first, then filled with a certain proportion of mixed gas packaging) packaging meat products.

Four, Pesis (1986), such as vacuum packaging is put forward to the good method of preservation of persimmon fruit quality and hardness. Thus, fresh-keeping technology for the development and popularity of the increasingly attention by producers, operators and consumers.

Is vacuum packaging equipment needed for the other part of the packaging container, packaging container of the sort is more, such as plastic, plastic and paper, aluminum foil composite material consisting of composites, glass bottles, metal containers and hard plastic, etc., for the selection of packaging container shall be determined according to the properties of the vacuum packing food, such as canned food is application of glass or metal cans, such as traditional Chinese medicine with aluminum foil or plastic, and so on. Although vacuum packing container material sort is more, but it is common plastic film.


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