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High abuse bags that offer excellent shelf-life, bone puncture resistance, clarity and printability for the meat industry join a new portfolio of Kangtai shrink bags.

Shrink bags with an excellent barrier properties for bone-in meat applications with sealing, high transparency and glossiness properties. 

The Shrink bags range are high-strength shrink bags with or without meat adhesion. They can be used as primary or secondary packaging of meat products, cooking at full cook temperatures or as post pasteurizing bags. Their high abuse resistance makes them especially suited for packing sharp or hard products. Available in versions with carefully designed meat cling properties, for better yields in cooking applications. Likewise, "Cook and Chill" types are non shrink range of steam/water cookable or retortable films tailored for use in cook and chill applications. Designed with hot fill and tumble chill capability for institutional liquid foods. Heat seal or clip closure. Flat film versions are available for liquid vertical form fill seal processes with overlap back seal.


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